Who Wears Short Shorts?

So this marks the beginning of my summer time blogging! And oh I am so excited!

Shorts! They can be tricky. I mean they literally would trick me! One minute I’m standing up, looking okay in my cute shorts, the next I’m sitting down and all of a sudden I have cellulite I didn’t know existed and my thighs look like they’re bursting at the seams!

Thank goodness I discovered a better way to “shorts”.


Key points to making shorts work:
•Mid rise is a must! With so much skin showing already, the last thing anyone needs to see is a love handle billowing over the top of your shorts! Please, and thank you:)
•Length: my rule on this is they have to cover the widest part of your thighs! You know that really awesome spot on your upper legs that touch a lot? That part! That way only the thinnest part of your legs are showing.
•I personally feel that darker colors are most flattering. Very slimming on everyone!
•And of course, like my blogs on jeans, detail is always good! The cuff on my bottom of my shorts is a nice touch!
As a side note, be careful with butts that don’t have pockets (like mine) because it can easily make your butt look very large.

Hopefully this gets you all excited for summer cloths! It’s easy to get discouraged but remember, you can look and feel good whether or not you lost those 10 pounds from your New Years resolution! Remember to love yourself!


Shorts: Torrid
Top: American Eagle
Flats: Me Too


Spanx Me

I’m so excited about this post! I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and have had several requests for it! Hope you love it!:)


A good pair of Spanx is several things:
• Snug around your hips
• A smooth fabric
• High Waisted, coming up all the way over your hips
• Some have a really helpful silicone strip at the top to help prevent slipping down! Those work great.
• Magic


Really bad Spanx:
• Cut off at your hips
• The longer length on the legs tends to roll up and it’s really tight and painful!
• Not being snug around your hips, therefore defeating the purpose of wearing them (doesn’t apply to the picture)
• Not a smooth material
• If the top doesn’t have enough structure it will roll down. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is another roll!

I’m wearing a form fitting maxi dress for this example but you can wear them with most anything! Jeans even. Any outfit that’s going to be from fitting or showing off your figure, Spanx are a great idea!

Here’s without; no thank you. So incredibly unflattering. With this light material that shows every bump and dimple, I feel like lumpy pancake batter.


With Spanx! Although they cannot make me a size 4, I feel much more confident with them on! So smoothing and slimming! Eases out my hips and sucks everything in! What’s not to love?


To finish the outfit I layered a long coral sweater with a belt and some flats!


I hope I covered everybody’s questions! Comment if you have anymore:)

Keys to Style Success

Although I’ve done looks similar to this, I get compliments on it every time I wear ones like this so I’m doing another one!:) my sister Karla is wearing a variation of the same general idea.

Here are the guidelines we used for both outfits:

•Karla’s pants, and my leggings, both come up high above our hips. This is so they don’t cut us off and make “love handles” or “muffin tops”.

•Both of our jackets create a thin mid section because they come over our boobs. The key to this is getting jackets, cardigans, sweaters or anything that is open in the front needs to be the correct size. It should be able to come all the way around you comfortably. If it’s snug or too tight, it’ll look snug or too tight. Including around your boobs and in yours arms! The size on the tag does not matter.

•Our shirts are long, giving the appearance of a longer torso. They come to/ past our hip bones.

•The scarves hang down a little lower away from our neck. Too tight of scarves will make your neck appear bigger than it it!

•The belt I am wearing at the smallest part of my waist helps my cardigan to not make my hips look bigger than they are. If it was too flowy it might make me look square and shapeless. With it, I have a thinner waist line and I can accentuate my curves by controlling where peoples eyes are drawn to.

•Karla’s pants are don’t have any extra material in her knee area. If she did it would create a bulky area before tucking into her boots and would make her legs appear larger. These are form fitting, but not too tight! Very flattering.

•Also if you have long hair (which we obviously don’t have this problem lol) and you have a scarf and a jacket of some sort on, don’t crowd your face and neck by having your hair down and around you. Try pulling the font back.



Layer It On Me

So in honor of the holidays coming up I thought i’d do a dressier look for possible upcoming parties or events!:) this is a more layered look, especially once I had my jacket on. The key to a sleek looking layer effect is to reduce bulk! Bulk will make you look larger than you are and loose your shape! The key is to keep your waistline intact and draw the eyes to the most flattering part of your body!

Here’s a couple reasons why this outfit works:
•I’m drawing peoples eyes to the most flattering part of my torso by putting the belt at the smallest part if my waist.
•By pairing opaque black tights with black ankle boots it gives the illusion that my legs are longer, therefore making me appear taller and slimmer.
•The long high waisted skirt elongates my waist and torso for a more sleek appearance.

Keys to making this outfit work:
•NO tight underwear with this outfit because it will show every indent on your hips!
•Be sure to have your tights come all the way up past your hips to 1.smooth everything out and 2. Not cut you off as mentioned above.
•When choosing a crop top for this outfit make sure it is not hitting you mid “love handles”, or the widest part of your hip. Having that line will bring attention to that area. Assuming you don’t want attention there of course:)
•If you do a variation of this outfit with a more flowy skirt that is not so fitted, make sure to pair it with a more fitted top. Maybe even consider tucking the shirt in so you don’t lose your shape or waist line.

Skirt: Forever 21 plus size
Shirt: Forever 21 plus size
Belt: Costco (as weird as that sounds)
Shoes: Fergalicious





My post today will be about something I’ve seen a lot of lately. It is something I am guilty of, unfortunately. Putting down others to make yourself feel better. I see a lot of things that say “real men love curves, bones are for dogs” or “real women have curves”. I’m totally guilty of liking these posts on Facebook simply because i like that a fuller figure is being recognized in a beautiful way. But it is not fair to thinner women that are turned into something only “dogs” desire or something that is “not real”.

This habit of putting each other down has got to stop. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL! And I don’t mean “oh everyone is beautiful” which is also true. I mean every BODY is beautiful. All body types! Thinner people are just as beautiful, and are just as deserving of confidence as people with a fuller, curvier figure! Although my blog specifically focus’ on fashion for “plus sized” women, so many of the girls who reach out to me happen to be slimmer. It makes me so happy that I can help every body type! Make every shape and size feel confident and beautiful! That I can give every one of my readers the tools to feel good about themselves.

A friend and I once had a conversation about our insecurities. It seamed the things I envied about her gave her trouble, and the things she envied in me I couldn’t stand. If you had a body type you envied, chances are you would obtain an entirely new list of insecurities. So why not just learn to love exactly what you have?

The goal is to portray that all women are beautiful. Respect yourself, respect others. Love yourself, and love others. Speak words of love to yourself, and words of love others.


Update: this message really hit me hard. This is exactly what I’m talking about! I’m so thankful she shared her story. Please read


Jeans & Stuff

Before I start I’d like to take a minute and say thank you! It’s overwhelming how much support and love I’ve received! Every time someone tell me they used my blog in their everyday life, or shares their story with me, it makes my heart swell! Thank you for allowing me to share my story and be open and honest with you and letting me make a difference! It’s the best feeling.

So today it’s a little dressier of a look! My main focus will be the jeans. Sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself as to why outfits work but that’s because it works haha. So if you notice I say the same thing over and over, it’s important!

Shirt: It has a busy pattern on it and the 3D effect it has hides or distracts from the shape underneath. I HATE when I have a clingy fabric on and when I sit it shows every roll and crease. This shirt smooth that out and disguises that well because of the 3D rosettes.

Shrug: Make sure you pull it OVER your boobs. Especially bustier girls. If it’s to the side it makes your bust look even wider.

Belt: Without the belt I really had no shape to this outfit. It looked very boxy. By belting it I gave myself a waistline at the smallest most flattering prt of my torso.

Jeans: Okay. I am so excited about these jeans! The list of why these work goes on and on. One of the most flattering things about these jeans is the WASH!! They are dark on the sides and light in the middle making your legs look THINNER AND LONGER. It has thick stitching which is proportional to the size of my legs. I started out with a size 34. A little bigger than I would normally grab because is better to go down sizes than go up. I ended up in a size 31 which was nice! See how that works;) haha. The pockets are a proportional size with my butt, and they’re a mid rise so they come up over my “love handles” instead of cutting them off and creating a “muffin top”. The attention to detail on these jeans are heaven sent. The whiskering on top, the wash, stitching, pockets, leg opening, rise, the quality of jean material, they stretch. I mean everything about these jeans is perfection.

There’s a little bit of a kicker… They were $140. ITS WORTH IT. Believe me!!! When you’re not doing the pants dance trying to get them on, and wanting to scream because you can’t find one single shirt to wear because every single one looks bad. Considering I’m a broke newly wed with a husband in school this is how I made it work. I took every single pair of jeans that I didn’t fit in or no longer looked good on me and sold them at a consignment store. I got $80 from that and after applying it they were a reasonable price. ITS BETTER TO HAVE ONE PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS THAT WERE MADE FOR YOU, THAN TO HAVE 10 PAIRS THAT DONT FIT, OR DONT LOOK GOOD. This is key. Allow yourself to feel good and confident. Give yourself the tools to look how you want at the size you are. It’s worth it believe me.
Jeans are Big Star from Buckle the “Maddie” fit



Makeup: Contouring

I had a lot of requests for a makeup post recently so here it goes! I’m sticking with the “slimming and flattering” theme if my blog. Contouring is a way of showing and hi-lighting your face to make it appear slimmer.
1. I used glamouflage concealer, Mac liquid foundation and finished with Mac studio fix powder for a matte finish.
2. I dipped my fluffy blending brush into bare minerals “warmth” ( or to any matte, brown, color. NO shimmer and NO orange)
3. Apply to temples rounding it out by hair line.
4. Apply at an angle right below your check bone. If you feel where your cheek bone is, you want to apply it right under neath.
5. Apply the same color right underneath your jaw line.
6. I dip the same fluffy blending brush in a shimmery bronzer (just for more color on your cheeks.)
7. Apply on top/ just above the previous application on cheeks. Only to this area though! (not to temples or jaw)
9. Blend everything in so there are no harsh lines! It should look very soft, but prominent.
This will give your face depth, warmth, and an all over slimmer appearance by drawing attention to the right places. I do this every day and it makes a huge difference!